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To prevent certificate errors, verify and, if needed, edit your official student name in your profile. Past oversights have led to problems, including the use of a parent’s name. While your display name (visible on the screen at the top right), username (login name), and student name can vary by preference, your student name on the Accounts page must be accurate for certificate printing. The certificate will include the Student Name and Date of Birth. Ensure accuracy by taking this crucial step now at this Accounts Page LINK.

Anticipate this email for all Quiz 1 retakes; it’s meant to verify student details.

Common Troubleshooting Tip: If you face website login or course access issues, or if you encounter any unusual messages about your course, begin by clearing your browser cache. Alternatively, attempt accessing the platform using a different browser. If the issue continues unresolved, kindly contact us at for further assistance.

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To ensure accurate monitoring of your progress and the seamless delivery of your driver’s education certificate, we kindly urge you to take a moment and verify your student name and shipping address details within the next 48 hours. If any updates or modifications are needed, visit the  Accounts Page to update your student name and shipping information. Please be aware that a $10 fee for duplicate certificates will apply for any necessary adjustments following the certificate’s shipping.

Your course completion certificate will include:

Please double-check the Student’s name and date of birth you want to appear on the driver’s education certificate. This is to avoid any inadvertent printing of a parent’s name, as it has occurred in several instances before.

Student’s First, Middle, and Last Name:  
Date of Birth: Please see it on your Accounts Profile Page – LINK

This certificate will be shipped to:
Shipping Recipient:
Shipping Address:
Shipping City:
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Shipping ZIP:

Again, if needed, please update your information by visiting the Accounts Page.

Validating Corrections: If any corrections need to be addressed, the best way to ensure that the information has been updated in our system is to follow these steps: first, make the necessary corrections on your Accounts page; second, retake Quiz 1. Upon completing these steps, the system will generate an email containing the revised details. 

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support you throughout your driver education journey.

Drive Safe,
The Learn and Permits Support Staff 

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